IXXI Product Info

IXXI Product 01 Own Images

Your own images

Create an IXXI with your photographs. Go for a collage, enlargement or pixel image. Upload your images, select a size and shape, and use the special tools to customize your IXXI.

IXXI Product 02 Image Bank

Image bank

Look for your favorite images from the collections of famous museums, photographers and illustrators. Browse images by category and decide on your desired size, shape and cropping.

IXXI Product 03 Special Collection

Special collection

Discover the most beautiful selection of products designed specifically by and for IXXI. You can order this special collection in fixed sizes and prices.

IXXI Product 06 Giftcard

Gift card

Are you looking for an original present or promotional gift? Surprise family and friends with an IXXI gift card! Choose a nice background and add a personal message. 

Available from € 10 and to be ordered by e-mail or by post. A gift card by post is gift-wrapped and shipped within 3 working days.

IXXI Product 04 Refill


Take advantage of the flexibility offered by IXXI. Change shape, expand your collage or replace cards. Keeping your home interior up-to-date in an affordable way!

Available from a minimum of 4 cards. Only applies to IXXIs with your own images or from the image bank.

IXXI Product 05 Tools


Want to move, change, or expand your ixxi? Then these separate parts may come in handy. Be creative!